You can apply for BEFA certification if you can demonstrate that you meet the following mandatory requirements:

You have been formally educated as an architect and completed an architectural education/degree.

You have practiced as a licensed/registered architect in a foreign jurisdiction. If registration/licensure was not required to practice as an architect in the jurisdiction(s) of origin, the equivalents of registration/licensure in that/those jurisdiction(s) may be considered.

You have at least seven years of post registration/licensure experience in architecture within the last twelve years.

You will have obtained at least six months of relevant experience in Canada before the assessment interview. This experience:

a. Must be gained within three years before the date scheduled for the assessment interview.

b. Must be gained under the personal supervision and direction of a registered/licensed architect within Canada.

c. Must expose applicants to the practice and regulatory requirements of architecture in Canada.

The completion of the six months of relevant experience in Canada must be confirmed with a signed letter by the supervising architect.

BEFA Submission of Documents Timelines
1. Eligibility: Two (2) Months from date of payment
2. Demonstration of Competency: Twelve (12) Months from date of payment to upload all documents

Please note that the eligibility fees are not refundable.

Therefore, it is important that you have carefully reviewed all the mandatory eligibility criteria for the BEFA Program before proceeding.

For more information or help determining eligibility please contact the BEFA Coordinator

by phone at (613) 241-8399 extension 21, or by email to befacoord@cacb.ca